Reflexology in Stone, Staffordshire
Reflexology in Stone, Staffordshire

What is Thai foot massage?

A common question is, "How is Thai Foot Massage different from Reflexology?"


The main difference is the importance of massage within the treatment.


Reflexology focuses on working individual and precise reflex points with some gentle pressure, which is used to help the treatment flow as well as to help us feel deeply relaxed. 

Thai Foot Massage, on the other hand, is more about using massage to open up and encourage the flow of energy, along with the use of a stick to stimulate the reflex points on the feet. 



Thai Foot Massage is a great option if you're on your feet a lot and find that your feet or legs 

ache at the end of the day.  This is because it works all the muscles and joints of the lower legs and leaves you feeling like you are floating on air.


Reflexology is a great option if you are feeling stressed, irritable or anxious.  This is because it has a lovely calming quality, which allows deep relaxation, centring us and helping us to unwind.


Still not sure which treatment to try?  Please feel free to email, text or phone me to discuss your individual needs in more detail and I can help you make the right choice. 

Benefits of Thai foot massage


Ancient Thai foot massage is an holistic healing technique that provides

relaxation, balance and healthy blood circulation.

It helps to encourage general good health and mental serenity. 


Clients report relief from stress, back and other chronic pain, plantar fasciitis, allergies, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, gout, migraine, arthritis, diabetes, kidney, and digestive problems.  The immune system is boosted, healing is accelerated, the body is refreshed

and the mind is cleared of stress.


Thai Foot Massage has many benefits, some of these shared with Reflexology:

Improved circulation in feet and legs

Improved toxin removal 

Improved lymphatic drainage

Boosted immune system

Reduced stiffness and improved flexibility

Quicker physical healing

Stimulated lymphatic drainage

Stress relief

Improved sleep

Lifted mood

Improved concentration and clarity of mind

 Feeling of tranquility, calmness and well being


This is some brief information from Helen Edwards about the process and the facts behind Thai Foot Massage. I offer it as one of my treatments so this short video is for any clients who might be curious or want to know more about this type of massage.

The history of Thai foot massage


Thai foot massage was developed about 5000 years ago.  Over the years it incorporated foot massage techniques from places such as China, Japan, and Korea. Historically, the original knowledge and techniques were carefully guarded secrets kept by the Buddhist monks of the Thai Royal Palace. They have since have been passed down through the generations. It has been one of the most effective and revered forms of massage in the Orient, and eventually all over the world.

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