Reflexology in Stone, Staffordshire
Reflexology in Stone, Staffordshire

Reflexology in the media




"Reflexology can help you Retain your Vitality.  It can help with anything from stress and anxiety to headaches.... " 




Good Housekeeping


September 2020




Your Reiki And Reflexology Vitality Plan


September 2019



"From sleep problems to fertility concerns, this complementary therapy works wonders"


January 2016




Could Reflexology relieve your "Trying To Conceive" stress?


"Recharge with Reflexology"


February 2017



"Have you tried Reflexology? This alternative therapy involving the physical act of applying pressure promises to ease tired muscles and help you unwind," says expert Tracey Smith 



From sleep problems to fertility concerns, this alternative therapy works wonders


January 2015




A treat for your feet!


May 2015


Real runners and athletes have found that their abilities have changed whilst using Reflexology.


March 2015 

It is really refreshing to have someone take the time to look at you as a whole in order to create the perfect, bespoke treatment plan.

February 2015

"Our feet are some of the most used parts of our body,

but rarely get the respect that they deserve."

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